How to Clean an Invicta Watch Subaqua

Nothing makes a statement like a fine watch. A watch does not just fulfill the functional role of telling the time, but is also ornamental. The Invicta Subaqua brand manufactured using the best Swiss technology is ideal for water sport lovers and ordinary people, men and women.

Its most remarkable feature, apart from its elegant and stylish design is that it offers water resistance of up to 500 meters. This means that it can be used for the street, for swimming in a pool as well as for deep sea diving.

It comes in a variety of colors ranging from black and silver to yellow gold, rose-gold and red, catering to every taste and style.



Invicta Watches Subaqua are specially designed for deep sea diving and water sports and are constantly exposed to water. A combination of water, dust, body lotion and sweat can make the bracelet grimy and the crystal a little foggy.

You may choose to take your watch to the jewelers’ for cleaning but this is not necessary.

There are simple procedures that you can follow at home to clean your watch and make it look as good as new. 


The Bracelet

Invicta Watches Subaqua come fitted with a variety of bracelets, mainly in stainless steel but also in other materials such as gold, silicone and rubber.

To clean the bracelet, you will need the following:

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    A mild dish-washing detergent.
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    A Small bowl
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    A Jeweler’s brush or a soft toothbrush
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    White vinegar for leather strap
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    Warm water

1.Remove the bracelet, even for water resistant watches.

2.Fill the bowl with water and detergent. For leather, use white vinegar instead of detergent.

3.Soak the bracelet for about ten minutes in case of mild dirt or longer for stubborn grime.

4.Scrub gently with a soft brush or cloth. Be careful not to create scratches because of aggressive brushing.

5.Rinse under running water.

6.Let the bracelet dry completely. This is especially important for leather straps as they may develop mildew if not properly dried.


Removing Scratches

Scratches easily form due to contact with other metals such as rings and keys. Different procedures exist depending on whether the scratches are mild or more severe.

To remove scratches you will need the following:

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    A jeweler’s cloth. 
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    A cleaning cream available at your local store.
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    A Soft cloth.​​​​
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    Fiberglass brush or a soft toothbrush.
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    A pair of gloves.


For fine scratches on polished stainless steel, you will use a jeweler’s cloth. First use the rougher side to rub the surface of the watch to remove scratches. The longer you rub the shinier it will be. Then use the softer side of the cloth to polish the watch to a shiny sheen.

For deeper scratches on polished stainless steel, rub the watch using a soft cloth and a cleaner. Rub with a jeweler’s cloth for a fine polished finish.

For brushed stainless steel, rub the watch gently with a jeweler’s cloth. For deeper scratches, you will need to use a fiberglass brush.

Gold watches with fine scratches can also be cleaned using a jeweler’s cloth.

Some materials are best cleaned by a jeweler. If you are unsure about the material, you are safer having your watch cleaned at the jewelers’


Cleaning the Crystal

The crystal is the transparent face through which you read the time. This part has a tendency to get foggy. Fortunately, with a few everyday tools, you can clean it yourself.


  1. Using a sharp pointed knife or object, unclasp the watch to remove the bracelet pin.
  2. Remove the back with a case back remover, unscrew the crown and remove the pin.
  3. Press a sewing pin into the hole at the back of the watch to unlock the crown.
  4. Remove the watch from the casing. Using a jeweler’s cloth, rub the crystal.
  5. Put back the crystal in place. Ensure it is properly aligned.
  6. Re-insert the crown, while pressing the hole at the back of the watch with a pin. If properly reinserted, the crown will click into place.
  7. Screw back the crown in place until it is completely closed.
  8. Replace the gasket and the back case.
  9. Use the case back tool to screw the back tight.
  10. Put back the pin into the bracelet. Push it in with a flat-end screw driver. It will click and lock into place

Taking care of your watch does not end with cleaning. Even after cleaning, there are measures you need to take to ensure your watch remains in top shape and serves you for longer.



To keep your watch shiny and scratch-free, avoid tossing it anyhow on surfaces that may scratch it. Also avoid storing it in drawers or handbags that have other metals such as keys, knives, openers or rings. The best way to store your watch is to keep it in the box in which you bought it.


Cleaning Schedule

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to avoid a build-up of dirt and grime. You can clean and polish your watch every six months.


Battery Change

You need to change your battery every three years. Do not wait until the battery is completely dead as lack of function for a prolonged period can affect internal mechanisms of your watch, costing you much in repair. So schedule that battery change.


Change the Gasket

The gasket is the rubber lining that is used to waterproof your watch. Over time, it may wear out and if not changed, may allow water to seep into the inner parts of your watch, causing damage. You can schedule a gasket change to coincide with your battery change.

Still to do with waterproofing, you need to regularly check your watch pressure to ensure that your watch is sealed correctly so that it may give you the water resistance prescribed by the manufacturer.


Watch Winders

If your watch needs winding, avoid using watch winders as these are likely to wear out your watch faster. Do it manually.



Avoid wearing your watch in the shower even if it is waterproof as this will accelerate build of shampoo and soap in the crevices of your watch, making it need cleaning more often.


Take it off

Some activities such as cooking, gardening and construction may cause dust particles and oil to lodge in your watch, making it grimy. It helps to take off your watch on such occasions.


Professional Service

Although you can for the most part maintain your watch yourself, it is good practice, if you value your watch, to occasionally have it serviced by a professional. If you do proper maintenance of your watch at home, you may not need professional service very often. Because this is a costly affair, it can be done every 3-7 years.


Final Thoughts

Once you’ve bought your Invicta Watch Subaqua, you need to frequently service it if you want reap maximum benefits from it. This service schedule involves proper storage and handling, cleaning and maintenance. Proper management of your watch will ensure it gives you longer service, while reducing repair costs.


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