Invicta Watches Red Review

Invicta watches are ideal for anyone. They are stylish, classy, luxurious and affordable. The brand ‘ Invicta’ is known to produce quality items so be assured of quality.

Invicta has two watch series; the lupar and pro diver. In addition, there is also the collaboration with the Swiss organization. The pro- diver series are all water- resistant and provide a lot of essential information. On the other hand, the lupar type is ideal for young professionals due to the features it has. Both the series are awesome and ideal for everyone.

Before buying an invicta watch make sure you compare the overall size of the watch as compared to your wrist size. You should also know what you really need the watch for. This will help you find out the ideal features in the watches.


Benefits of Invicta watches

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    They are stylish, classy and luxurious.
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    Invicta watches come in various sizes and you can easily get one that fits your wrist well.
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    They are easy to wear and retain the comfort ability on the wrist
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    Invicta offers different types of designs for the watches.

Why you should have a watch

It will make you look more professional

You will easily track your time and be punctual

You won’t have to struggle to get your phone to check the time

They are convenient to use while making a “to do” list

Watches have a way of commanding respect

They are ideal for occasions, functions and celebrations

They are ideal to give as presents

They can easily create a good first impression

Watches can help sports men and women to gauge their speed


6 best Invicta Watches Red Review

1) Invicta Men’s ‘Excursion’ Swiss quartz casual watch

This amazing watch operates with a Swiss quartz movement. The casual watch has a chronograph that functions with 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 1/10 of a second. The watch also shows the exact day, it’s like having a calendar on your wrist.

If you love swimming, this is ideal for you having a 200m water resistance ability. Its case has a diameter of 50 mm, enhancing the screen’s visibility. Its clasp is in the form of a regular buckle with a dial window made from synthetic sapphire. Its silicone band measures 210mm by 30mm.

Design: Its silver dial has a silver tone with red hands. It is luminous meaning it glows in the dark; its hour markers are also red and white in color. Its case is stainless steel making it rust-proof even when inserted in water.

Why you should choose it

It is durable with a two – year warranty.

It has a classy and stylish design

Due to its water resistance, you can use it for marine activity and sports.

It is made from stainless material making it rust-proof.


2) Invicta 18717 Coalition forces

This ideal men’s watch has a calibration of 5040.D. The band measures about 210mm by 26mm with a safety clasp. The case has a diameter of 52mm easing the visibility of the watch’s screen. Some of its case materials are made from stainless steel while others are made from aluminum. However, the stainless steel ones are the ones most preferred.

The bezel is normally made from multi material and comes in three different colors, (black, red and steel). The watch has a mineral type of crystal with a push- made crown. Invicta 18717 red is water resistant to up to 200mm.

Why you should choose it

It is ideal for swimmers but not divers

It is wonderfully designed making it look very classy

Its durability enhances it long lasting nature.


3) Invicta Reserve Swiss made quartz watch ( Model 17295)

Invicta reserve is a classy watch that is powered by the Swiss Quartz movement. It is made from high- quality materials to ensure it stands out. Its beautiful red case measures 50mm enhancing its visibility. Its red band is made from polyurethane that enhances its classiness. It has a flame fusion crystal that protects the watch against any damage.

Why you should choose it

It is water resistant to up to 100metres.

It comes with a five-year warranty

It is durable and beautiful


4) Invicta Angel 18789

This specific watch is ideal for ladies with a calibration of VD76. Most of its components are made from Japan with a silicone band material. It band measures 195mm by 22mm and is easily adjustable. It has a regular buckle and clasp that are strong.

Its case has a diameter of 38 mm and is made from stainless steel. This is assurance of being rust – proof. It has a flame fusion crystal that helps in protecting the watch. Its dial material is also made from metal making it very ideal.

However, be careful to get the watch that easily fits your wrist.

Why you should choose it

It is water resistant to up to 30metres thus not ideal for divers.

It is classy and stylish enough for ladies

The red color of the watch makes it ideal to match with many outfits

It is durable and will not disappoint


5) Invicta 24784 Men’s watch

This ideal men’s watch has a case diameter of 40mm increasing its visibility capacity. It is powered by quartz movement and has a two –year warranty. This durable invicta red watch is water resistant and can be used by swimmers but not divers. It can resist up to 20 bar of pressure.

It has a stainless steel band that ensures it won’t rust at all. In addition, its dial window is made from mineral material

Why you should choose it

Its water resistant nature of up to 20 bar of pressure

It is classy and very stylish

It is a beautifully designed red watch that can blend with any type of outfit.

It provides a professional look


6) Invicta Womens angel red silicone analog watch

Invicta women’s angel red watch has an awesome rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is powered by the Japanese quartz movement. Its case is made from stainless steel material. In addition, it has a cranberry rubber strap.

This ladies watch has a water resistance capacity to up to 30metre. Its display type is analogue with a buckle clasp type. Its case is 36mm wide and 11mm thick.

Why you should choose it

If you are a lady, this should be classy enough for you

It has an awesome high ranking making it ideal

It is made from high-quality material making it very durable

Can blend in with many types of outfits and for any occasion

It is water resistance, in case you sprinkle water on it accidentally



Invicta watches are ideal for any occasion or function. Invicta is a brand that is well known for high – quality accessories like watches. If you want an ideal gift to surprise a family member, child, friend or spouse, Invicta watches are ideal.

All of them are water- resistant, durable and stylish. They are ideal for any professional who always requires a reminder. With a watch on the wrist you can easily check the time without having to remove your phone to check the time.

However, before choosing or purchasing an Invicta watch be sure to check its size. This will help you not to make a wrong choice. They come in different sizes thus you can get an ideal one for you.

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